This past month my pastor in church has been dealing with a topic called Seasons of Life. It’s basically about the different seasons in our life – loneliness, loss, prosperity, sadness, sickness, happiness etc and how to deal with each season. What struck me most is how distinct each season is in our lives – from the feelings evoked in us to how we deal with each to even the people who surround us during each of those seasons. 

When I look back at my life I can actually clearly see the diverse seasons I have been through so far – perhaps one day I shall write my memoirs and share my very colorful past. (That will be a best seller for sure!). Each season has challenged me, shaped me and basically formed the person that I am today. And while I can say that I am a product of my seasons, I am also not under the illusion that any of my personas in each of those seasons was permanent.


Interestingly though, while I was going through each of the seasons, there was a strong tendency to become comfortable and attached to my circumstances. For instance, during one of the lowest seasons of my life, I convinced myself that I would never be happy and that I was destined to be miserable, alone and a complete wreck. This of course led to the season lasting way longer that it probably would have if I had fought my way out instead of draping the misery blanket all around myself!

“Its never that serious!”

Eventually (thankfully) I did get out and transitioned into a totally different season with different experiences and blessings. In retrospect, that misery season turned out to be the greatest teacher of determination and tenacity in my life and has greatly influenced how I handle seasons to date.

I have learnt that nothing is permanent. Life is ever evolving and dynamic. Never get attached to your circumstances because sooner or later, they will change. Know when to let go of a season, do not hang on to it or live in denial. Do not isolate yourself – ask for support and surround yourself with positive, reliable people. Each season has its lessons – learn from the season and move on. Don’t compare your season with someone else’s! Yours and theirs are totally different. There is a divine purpose to each season – God allows you to go through each season.

Most importantly, never define yourself based on your season – your season is temporary; your identity is permanent.

What season are you in today?



  • Jackie

    May 20, 2014 at 6:15 AM

    I’ve gone through this article and I strongly feel like it’s directed at me. You’re so right about the seasons and alot of times wish it was possible to be able to get at least a peak preview of what a season is moulding me for. Don’t know what to call the season that I’m in but its not a good one. Been stuck here for too long and its like the harder I try to come out of it the deeper I seem to be sinking. Am glad you’ve mentioned that there’s a divine purpose to each season and that it’s not permanent; so all is not lost. I will get out in due time(I pray its sooner rather than later) and I will be back on this page to talk about my new season(Its got to be a good one this time round).

    • Ronni Waithaka

      May 20, 2014 at 8:21 AM

      I am Inspired by your feedback Jackie! Every season does come to an end eventually, so believe that yours will too. The most important thing is to ensure that you come out of it a better person than you started by simply learning from the season. I cannot wait for your next season! Be Blessed!


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