Return To Self: Serenity!

Photo by Faye Cornish on Unsplash

In my mind, the word Serenity has always evoked images of Tibetan monks way up in the Himalayas without a care in the world, living a life of utter simplicity and bliss.

Well as it turns out, you don’t have to make that long trek in search of the secret to living a tranquil life. You can actually achieve it right where you are. If I remember correctly, most of those documented journeys end with the protagonist realizing that all along he or she held the secret right within themselves all along.

So now that I have saved you a trip 🙂 let’s talk about how you can find serenity right where you are. In case you are wondering, yes I have discovered how to tap into it without even leaving my house!

First a definition. The state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled. Worried by nothing. Obviously I would like to point out that, being a state, serenity is clearly a continuous choice we make. Meaning that there are times you may not feel so serene, but you always know that you can choose to be.

So how do you get into this state? First of all you have to know who you truly are. You will never know tranquility if you don’t even know who you are. This is the process of self-awakening that I have outlined over the last few months. It’s also what worked for me, but obviously I don’t hold a monopoly on the truth, so feel free to poke around your insides and find what works for you.

The key to serenity is Acceptance.

Accepting and loving yourself the way you are. Knowing that you are beautiful inside and out, and not needing to compare yourself to anyone. Listening to your heart and letting it guide you. Learning to trust your intuition no matter what outside forces are pressing in. Having the courage and confidence to find your voice and speak your truth even if it means standing alone. Knowing that no matter what comes your way, it will not bring you down.

Accepting others and realizing you are not responsible for anyone other than yourself. Accepting that if you want to change the world, you can only do so by starting with yourself. Letting go of the need to be right or wrong, allowing other people to live their lives as they see fit, and being tolerant of divergent views.

Accepting that we were all uniquely created and no two people are the same. Meaning that no two opinions or perceptions will be identical. Accepting that it’s a waste of precious energy trying to understand someone else’s actions or emotions.

Going even deeper, serenity at a personal level is letting go of the need to make sense of your heart’s emotions and simply just allowing yourself to experience the beauty and wonder of everything it’s showing you.

I’m not a monk but I have already figured out that our minds can be the greatest obstacles to finding tranquility. Why? Your mind only knows what it has been exposed to, what it has experienced throughout your lifetime. Which in the grand scheme of things, probably equates to like less than 1% of all that is there to experience in the universe.

This is the reason why your heart and your mind are often pulling in different directions. Your heart wants you to experience something by just feeling, yet your mind is busy trying to figure out how the thing works etc. Yet our minds don’t even know what they don’t know – it’s incomprehensible.

Is it any wonder that all great inventors have always followed their hearts and intuition to create things that were previously thought impossible?

I will give you an example using sex. This is probably one of the most indescribable experiences in the world. If you have had an orgasm, then I’m sure you know what I mean. Your mind will struggle to contain the experience in its quest to “figure it out” yet if you really let go and just allow yourself to feel, you will have the ride of a lifetime. Forgive me but I honestly don’t think there are words in any known vocabulary that can adequately capture the feeling of an orgasm.

Now imagine applying that to everything in your life.

When you truly let go, simply accept that your heart knows the way and allow it to lead you, that’s your soul speaking.

And when you allow your soul to lead you, it will lead you to true serenity.


I hope that this series has impacted your life for the better. If you are interested in finding out more about my journey  or would like information on how a life coach can walk with you in this process, please email me on

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