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The testimonial below was originally posted on—veronica-waithaka.html  It is the story of how I discovered my true passion and learnt how to use it to fulfill my purpose…

“I have always been the kind of person who could fix anything; well, almost anything. Every new thing I encountered was merely a new challenge for me to overcome and conquer. So it was extremely frustrating for me to wake up one day and just realize that I wasn’t happy with my life. There I was with a great job, a salary most people would kill for and a social life that could rival that of today’s socialites.

However I was miserable. I found myself barely able to drag myself out of bed, struggling to motivate myself at work and always bored out of my mind. The only thing that made me happy was when I got to coach one of my team members.

This got me thinking, what if I could work with people all the time, helping them find their direction and ultimately fulfill their full potential? But how was I going to show people direction when I didn’t really feel like I had any in my own life?

It was at this point that Caroline came into my life. I had never met a life coach in my life till this point and I didn’t think there were any in Kenya; I had only heard of career coaches and spiritual coaches. In our first meeting together, I immediately knew I had found what I was looking for – I wanted to be a coach. I was exuberant and signed up for her Create Your Dream Business (CYDB) program which basically guides people on how to convert their passion into a business.

Since I have a natural passion for working with people, I initially thought it would be an easy journey. However after the very first session, I realized that to become a great coach, I would first have to work on my own skeletons. What I expected to be a very painful experience was made largely bearable by Caroline’s keen guidance combined with just the right mix of tough love, pushing me forward whenever I wanted to quit.

She showed me how to uncover what was making me stuck and how to overcome all the obstacles that were holding me back from my full potential. She taught me how to accept everything about me, appreciating that every feeling in me serves a purpose and how to turn that purpose into power. I was initially skeptical about the true power of my thoughts over me, but with time I came to see just how much I was able to influence overall outcomes by simply changing the way I think.

Most importantly, she showed me how to truly believe in myself and after just two months in her program, I was already applying the principles to launch my own coaching practice – two people signed up for my own coaching program!

What I love about the CYDB program is the fact that it’s extremely practical and not just textbook theory. The principles that Caroline teaches are based on practical situations that you can apply to any business that you dream of doing – and the results are astounding! I am now running a part-time practice with a realistic time line of ultimately taking my coaching practice to full time; something else that she taught me. What I love most about being a life and motivation coach is that I have been able to take what comes naturally to me and turn it into something I do every day, and get paid for it! I was able to discover my true purpose in life and how to make every day the best day of my life.

I owe all this to Caroline and I recommend her without any reservations – you need her.”

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