My Angel.

Exactly seven years ago, my life changed irrevocably. Exactly seven years ago, God sent me a precious little Angel to save me. Exactly seven years ago today, my little man Aidan came into the world.


Today I celebrate him with this post, simply because, he is absolutely and without a doubt, the best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. You see, I was never really prepared for him. People say you prepare for a child, but honestly, nothing really prepares you for a child. In my case it was even more extreme because he kind of popped into my life when I was at the lowest point of my existence. I was convinced I would be a horrid mum and kept asking God, why, why, why now?

Nothing could have prepared me for my little Angel. Little did I know that it was I who would learn from him and be inspired by him; and very rarely, the other way around. There was nothing cliché about his actual birth. I was highly doped up on pain medication (thank you Dr W.!) which meant that when the nurses grandly presented him to me, I did not go “oooooh, aaaaahhhh……” like I hear other mums declare. My first words to my son were “So this is the one who has been giving me all this stress….” After which I promptly nodded off. (effects of the meds!)


Hours later, less dopey, I was happily receiving my visitors who of course demanded to see the little Angel. I found my way uncertainly to the nursery and inquired which of the many screaming tots was mine. When they showed him to me, I remember peering curiously at him and wondering, “….now what the heck do I do?” Bottom line, the so called and claimed “rush of love and motherhood instinct” never hit me until two weeks later during a particularly rough morning when he just wouldn’t stop crying. I remember trying to give him a sponge bath (he hated those) and he just kept bawling. I finally put down the wash sponge and burst into tears – frustration, sleep deprivation and apparently, effects of postpartum depression, all pouring out of me. When we were done crying, I just felt like something had shifted. I picked him up and looked into his eyes and just knew it. That we were stuck together, for better or worse, he was mine. All mine.


There is no way I can possibly do justice to seven whole years with my little Angel in just one post so I will not even try. I will say a couple of things though.

Simply put, he is the most amazing human being I have ever encountered. He has this knack of just sensing when I am not ok and putting his little arms around me trying to make it all better. He is very creative and we often have a difficult time distinguishing between actual events, and one of his famous “creative plays”. He brings light and fun into any room he goes into, and makes friends with everyone! Children follow him everywhere, lapping up his every word. Adults find him refreshingly mature to have conversations with. He has the most beautiful eyes and will not hesitate to use them to manipulate me into whatever his heart’s desire is. (he learnt this too soon, honestly, I really pity the girls!). He has the most infectious laugh that can deliver you from any depression or preoccupation with trivial things. The best part of my day is always getting home, usually catching him in the middle of some mischief which he will desperately try to wiggle out of.


If I had to summarize him in one sentence, that sentence would be “He is the best part of me.” Because he truly is. He makes me want to be a better person, just to live up to his expectations, since in his own words; I am the best mummy in the world. And just for him, I try to live each day to be the best that I can possibly be.

Happy Birthday my Precious Angel!!



7 comments on “My Angel.
  1. Kristin says:

    Happy Birthday Aidan!

  2. Sly says:

    I still have the first picture I took of him. Probably passing gas, but I was convinced he was smiling. Happy Birthday lil’ man

  3. Aggie says:

    This post has reminded me of that night in the hospital. Seven years….seems like yesterday. In another seven he will be a teen. Are we ready for this???????Happy birthday handsome?

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