A Month of Fulfillment

Exactly one month ago I embarked on The Fulfillment challenge where my aim was to express gratitude for all that I have as well as to demonstrate that life fulfillment is found in the things we already have. To be honest, when I started I knew that it would obviously impact my life positively but nothing could have prepared me for the literal turnaround these past 30 days have had in my life.

You see, since my new beginning late last year, where I went out in search of fresh challenges, I had not really settled down or made much peace with where I now was in life. I’m a doer and resting on my laurels quite literally threatened to drive me insane. This challenge turned out to be tougher than I imagined, not only because it was public (I was being held accountable by all of you) but also because some days were really tough and I still had to show up.

The tough days actually taught me the most – that no matter how bad a day was or how crappy I felt, I could still reach really deep and somehow dig myself out. There was always something, no matter how insignificant, that I could latch on and rise back to the relative safety of sanity. Call it the silver lining if you will. Whatever it was, it resided inside of me and ensured that I stayed afloat.

Today is day 30. I figure it’s only fair that I use this day to summarize the challenge by highlighting some of the key values to fulfillment that I re-discovered over this profound journey. I trust that they will impact you and change your life for the better.


I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure I would be dead if God wasn’t a huge part of my life. There are so many times in life when I just wanted to give up and somehow I got the strength to go on. I am fully aware that this strength was not of my own making. We are all here on earth to achieve a God given purpose. I’m pretty sure I have figured out mine; if you are feeling unfulfilled today you might want to have a conversation with the guy upstairs.


You are the single most important person in your entire life. You come first. Not your spouse, parents, children or any other person that you are giving priority. Love yourself first. Treat yourself like the king or queen that you are. Take great care of your mind, body and spirit. Rest when you need to, exercise regularly and eat right. Recharge your batteries when you are worn out – it’s ok to just shut out the world once in a while and do absolutely nothing. Remember that your thoughts and words are your most powerful tool. Whether you think you can or you cannot, either way you are right (Henry Ford). Whatever you set your mind to achieve, as long as you believe it and work towards it, eventually it shall come to pass. Do what you are passionate about, which obviously requires you having an idea of what that is. Never apologize for crying – a good cry is healing to the soul. Take time to appreciate how far you have come and understand that each of your yesterdays has made you into the person you are today. Celebrate and be proud of your milestones.


Spend limitless quality time with your loved ones. Your parents, children, siblings, spouse will not always be there. Treasure the moments and memories that you create rather than suffer a life of regret when they are gone. Appreciate all the sacrifices that your parents made for you and respect them always. Surround yourself with like-minded friends. People who will pull you up, hold you accountable and never take you granted. Do not be afraid to let people go if their season in your life has come to an end. Every person we meet plays a role in our life and self-development.


Every single thing in our lives is a choice. Learn how to choose wisely – make choices that you can stand up for. Prepare for and embrace the consequences of your choices. Do not be afraid to make a mistake or to fail. Failure is inevitable but not final. It does not define you unless you allow it to. Learn from it, get up and keep going. Never give up, unless you are dead. Remember that even at your lowest and most broken, you can still help someone in need and in the process start your healing.  Never allow yourself to believe that you are too small or your contribution too insignificant. Change has to begin somewhere and it usually starts with just one person who is willing to go against the tide. Be that person. Create a legacy that the next generation can propagate. Live a life of integrity and respect. Understand that money and material possessions are not the real measure of your worth. Master money before it masters you.


We are often so focused with the big things in life that the small ones completely pass us by. Take pleasure in the everyday tiny pleasures of life. The smell of rain after a hot summer. The rich aroma of coffee. The infectious laughter of a small child. Old photos of yourself as a skinny teenager. The excited welcome from your spouse and kids when you get home after a long day. The list is endless. Each day this past month I encountered so many little things that made me smile. Things that had always been there but I had never really paid much attention to them. The little things we take for granted. Those are often the biggest and most rewarding things.

All these things and more are the reason why I am fulfilled and totally blessed today. Every day I choose to appreciate what I have and be happy rather than focus on comparing my situation to others who seem to be doing better. Thanks for walking with me on this challenge!

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